Hopscotch Awards 2018 (Results Out Now On Page 220!)



SOMEONE scroll down to my account @OrangeScent1 and I made the 2015 one and
@SmilingSnowflakes ik u dont like me LMAO idek what i even did but remember the 2016 one we never finished ;-;
that was actually so good we just never did it

very nice


See, people. I’m not good at pixel art. sophia71294 got 2nd place, but I didn’t place at all in that catergory XD

But thank you for the second place on most helpful and third in most deserving friend.

@FearlessPhoenix, see, everybody agrees that you’re the most forgiving.

@DMF, @KayKat, @MiNi, @KVJ, @Maltese, just because y’all aren’t active on HS anymore doesn’t mean anything.

@photographer123, you deserve every reward you got and more.

@Petrichor, speech please (and if you would be so kind to have an honorable mention to llamas in it). Congrats :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::slight_smile::flushed::hugs::couple_with_heart_woman_man:


i mean like… it does mean something because new people come & take the spotlight but okay .


people are still making these .


Alright, today I am actually going to take the time to look at your cipher.




aww thank you Sophia. :))) <3


But despite all the new people, you’re still winning awards.


I remember those ones.


btw i haven’t seen the results yet XD


Really? Why do I get the feeling that everyone who voted for me was you or one of your alt accounts?
Jk. Kinda.

But thanks guys.


compared to two years ago no lmaoooo


At least you’re not forgotten. KayKat is telling us to move on past her and she was active a lot longer than you.

And @FearlessPhoenix, for once, I didn’t use any alternates.


id rather be forgotten than remembered lightly


Listen, it’s better, in my opinion, to still have a couple of loyal friends than to have everyone forget you.


I haven’t forgotten you. Your trail art is still some of the best trail art I’ve ever seen!


there’s no such thing as loyalty online. knowing i have no “loyal friends” is better than making me believe false ideas of people being there to support me.


277… TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTYSIEBEN TANKT. le fingers hurt from scrolling :joy:


Lol, you should’ve turned like notifications off when you took a break for a month! :joy:


Gather that research