Hopscotch Awards 2018 (Results Out Now On Page 220!)



You’re welcome. And yes, you are very forgiving, and if you win, you earned it.


doesn’t look like i am lol


I believe the shipping topic was the best topic created and yes this should definitely win it is the home of the Nindy Healey ship


It was a temporary home of ScotchPhoto


Whoever’s a regular open it back up please and thanks.
It’s called like a bad idea or something like that.


i agree. it’s not like you’ll win or something. no one here likes you, especially after what you did to maltese.



you’re so nice for agreeing with me & bringing up my previous mistakes.


wow that’s pretty harsh?? quit the passive aggressive attitude please :))) everyone make mistakes


yes, but they shouldn’t always be forgiven. mini’s actions clearly reflect a poor sense of reality and of all things, she could be considered a bully. she degraded peoples self esteem and pretends that nothing ever happened and she expects to get sympathy? that’s a big no from me.


This is very rude. Please rethink what you are saying before you say it. People make mistakes, well all do. Nobody doesn’t make mistakes, so stop complaining. I know lots of people who love MiNi for the person MiNi! Sophia71025 and KayKat are like best friends with her!


Yes, @HopscotchRemixer put it very well. I mean, you should be forgiving and not holding grudges.
Sure, she made a mistake, but still. You can’t disrespect her for that.
I mean, I don’t even know what happened, so I’m not holding any grudge. Did she, like, insult somebody big time or something?


Aaagh how come regulars get so many likes?!!




Seriously, Petrichor?


who even r u lol




I completely agree. but that is only in certain situations, where something despicable happens. people’s self esteem’s are fragile things and guess what!!! by saying things like that, you’re probably degrading hers!!!

so I’m not saying what she did was acceptable but at least give her a second chance. I’ve known her long enough to know she doesn’t do things like that out of pure hatred


What even happened?


Welp I am going to be completely honest and say I forgot…working on it now



And now I’m typing this because it won’t let me reply because the “body seems unclear”…also do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween?


Welcome To The Awards Ceremony For The 2018 Hopscotch Awards! Stay Around Until The End For The Bonus Awards!

Best Overall-
1st- @Petrichor
2nd- @TheCMStudios
3rd- @MiNi

Best Coder-
1st- @Petrichor
2nd- @CreationsofANoob
3rd- @DMF

Best Artist-
1st- @Grizzlyzoe
2nd- @Someone45356
3rd- @photographer123

Best Trail Artist-
1st- @IShallNotBeNamed
2nd- @William04GamerA
3rd- @Maltese

Best Pixel Artist-
1st- @MyPizza
2nd- @sophia71294
3rd- @Dylan329

Best Game Creator-
1st- @Petrichor
2nd- @CreationsofANoob
3rd- @Valgo

Most Creative Games-
1st- @Petrichor
2nd- @Madi_Hopscotch_
3rd- @CreationsofANoob

Best Graphics In Games-
1st- @MagmaPOP
2nd- @DMF
3rd- @CreationsofANoob

Best Music Maker-
1st- @Serenity
2nd- @AwesomeJediE
3rd- @Xman0417

Best Illusion Maker-
1st- @KVJ
2nd- @KayKat
3rd- @background_inc

Most Helpful-
1st- @Petrichor
2nd- @sophia71205
3rd- @ThinBuffalo

Best At Decoding Ciphers-
1st- @Gobli09
2nd- @Yusamac205
3rd- @JonnyGamer

Best Spamliker-
1st- @ChickerGirl
1st- @DMF
3rd- @Gobli09

Most Supportive Friend (Top 5)-
1st- @photographer123
1st- @SarcasticTvHead
3rd- @sophia71205
4th- @DMF
5th- @Jordan

Best Tag List-
1st- @kayrofrens
1st- @omtl
3rd- @pomtl

Most Forgiving Person-
1st- @FearlessPhoenix
2nd- @photographer123
3rd- @AHappyCoder

Best Topic-
1st- Drawing On Paper Compared To iPad Topic
2nd- Xman0417’s Shipping Topic
3rd- Nominations For Featured

Bonus Awards-
Most First Place Finishes- @Petrichor (5)
Most Overall Finishes- @Petrichor (5) (Every single Nomination was a 1st place finish)

@thecoders (you will always truelly will be the best tag list)