Hopscotch Awards 2018 (Results Out Now On Page 220!)



bahahaha no one knows me
its cool tho y’all should stop nominating me


I know. But it’s just another warrant for Kay Kat to use against me. She and Mimi will both (mainly Katie though) say that this proves I’m more amazing than them…but we all know it’s not true…except for those deranged people who voted for me.


But it only takes one person to nominate you. It takes more than one person to vote for you


You are extremely forgiving. * cough cough look at my custom title cough cough *


Never :smirk::smiling_imp::nose:t3:
You know that you’re deserving.


who nominated me for most forgiving tho


I don’t know. I also don’t know who nominated me for spamliker. But I think you should win that award!


awe, why?


I just think you should and have absolutely no better explanation than that but should come up with one!


right. same thing i don’t care lmao


who’s @Petrichor


nindroid games but he changed his username through some trickery. if you dont know who nindroid is im sorry i really cant describe him because i just dont feel strongly enough about him


oh, yeah I know nindroid, I would of voted them for some of the categories haha


I voted Nindriod in all the categories he’s in cause he’s just that cool


@-3! |3!-/!-/|/!|-6!-6/|3/!|4-!-!|3/-4!|/-6/!-|4!-|3!|/!-/@


The one person on the forum who did something stupid, but you have since forgiven them.


This has a key right? I found some ciphers that people put in front of me that was just a bunch of random symbols and would be Impossible to solve.


Mine has a key, and it’s in my bio. It’s a hint or the answer…
(realizes it’s not in her bio yet and goes to change it)


knew it

thanks sophia <3


Yes it does
It’s a positional code