Hopscotch Awards 2017(Results Are Out Now On The First Post!)



I don’t know…are you part of NaF?


Oh wait yeah I think so. Oh nvm.


Wait do you mean all these comps or just yours?
I’m confused!:confused:


@treefrogstudios, the lovely goddess divine she is, has nominated me for most supportive friend C:

  1. TYSM frenapai!!!

  1. Thank you guys for nominating Expo List!

  1. And thank you guys for nominating my GT!

  1. I nominate @KawaiiRose and @OnceUponATime for most supporting friend!



ohmygod tysm


wait really i am

i guess only to some friends lol

ur a great friend tho


ye :D

idk u very well but ur extremely nice and u and smishy have the best gal pal frenship


Hi people I’ve forgotten how to create a new topic so can one of you guys tell me, Thnks.


I nominate @ColorlessCanvas for best artist!!

@CheesyOlive10 , you can create a new topic by going to the home screen (click on the Hopscotch logo) and choosing a subject (Collaboration, Help with Math, Etc.). There should be the option to make a new topic there.


Topic listens to others most.
If you put it up put hitokage on it


Dang, I don’t know why you guys nominated me.


Ok all categories that have more than 4 nominations are now closed! @OMTL


I nominate @bananafrens for best t a g l i s t. Should I have broken the tag, or did you guys want to know?


Beat tag list is now closed because that was the fourth nomination


:00 tysm! <3
I’m flattered


MINI, @KAYKAT, SHE WAS ON!!! No, I’m not overreacting. Mimi, Kay Kat and I just nominate each other and you every time there is an awards topic. You and Kay Kat deserve your awards, unlike me. I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED YOU! Why does this keep happening to me?


I nominate @lollypopcorn for most forgiving.


Thank you!! :D