Hopscotch Awards 2017(Results Are Out Now On The First Post!)



can u stop with the self-deprecating stuff, if u weren’t good u wouldn’t have been nominated


Ooh, for best trail artist, I would nominate @William04GamerA.


the screams of Dudey echo in the background

You have no idea how long it’s been since I was nominated for one of these, thank you! :D


Scotch Tape, add Wyn please to most forgiving.


Ah…After are other conversation we just had…ok


@HopscotchRemixer @sophia71205
Yep definitely add Scotch to most forgiving…


Well we are already up there…


There are so many supportive friends up there! :smiley:
Also, I just noticed that one of the titles for an award is not bold, just italic.


How about the Complement a Hopscotcher topic and the Creativity Is Cool topic (I don’t know if that one maxed out or not).


@ OMTL (is that too broad?)
@ NaF

Do they need to be friend lists? If so:

@ ExpoList

Also, can you nominate your own topics or tag lists?


I am not good … anymore XD


You aren’t good. You are AMAZING at pixel art. Look at yourself, you’re the best pixel artist out there!


Eh heh thanks, but um haven’t made one in like 2 months or something, and I don’t think I have the pixel art touch anymore. I still have a request to do. Help XD


What the meow I don’t need light


I am going to nominate Expo’s GT because it’s fun to talk there…


WynterDiamond you can only nominate GTs not regular topics…


U tagged me?


Probably OMTL or NaF


I don’t understand how I’ve been tagged twice where?


OMTL and NaF for the last time…


No I was tagged on that specific post and then above. Except there are no tags in that post and I’m not a part of OMTL.