Hopscotch Awards 2017(Results Are Out Now On The First Post!)



you are super nice friendo

also u spamlike me a lot bUT LETS NOT TALK ABOUT THAT bc i dont want to give u ideas


of course i forgot someone smh

@explorer_ for most supportive friend, she coolio


You already have but we need to team up and light DMF up


Ok…I will add them all! I will probably post the polls in like a day or two because I have a lot of nominations!



@shamrockcat’s HealDiary topic for best topic


and the drawing topic for best topic
(i can’t believe nobody’s added that yet omi)


and @LazyLizard for most supportive friend

gurl u crazy supportive :0

and @Currency5097193 too, i haven’t talked w/ u in ages but i still love u and ur awesome


Why do I always get nominated for best pixel artist :confused: lol


…because ur a good pixel artist??

i can’t think of any other reason



@lazylizard’s mental health topic: we are not psychopaths topic for best topic


Ok…that’s a lot of nominations…I will try to add all of them…we need more for best illusion maker


Also best graphics in games nad best music maker…


it’s lazylizard’s mental health topic actually


aww thanks!! i nominate u <3


o m g tysm cheerio c:

okay g o d u have massively improved my day so THANK U for that

no problem! you totally deserve it. ur my co-director of shellinator, how could i not nominate u


Whebhsjsjsnsnanwjw I AM GETTING ALOT OF NOMINATIONS :0000


cuz ur the best sammo


also i nominate @smishsmash for best artist

no one can rek my self-confidence like her




No I’m not