Hopscotch Awards 2017(Results Are Out Now On The First Post!)



I’m so glad that I know and are friends with the majority of these lovely people!


U know how everyone was like well I’m not going to win but I’m nominated. Not everyone was nominated people. Sometimes I feel like people say they aren’t going to win because they want more votes. Lucky people who got nominated. Extremely lucky for getting nominated twice! Gosh darn unfair that you got nominated 4 times at least! There’s kids out there in Africa that don’t have the luxury of coding or even WiFi they should be nominated for being alive and they should win for best future coders. Cause them poor kids in Africa because Africa matters. Wow u made it to secret part of the text stuff so yeah Africa is cool I guess they need stuff. But reply with chicken for Africa to get special likes and empowerment. Africa is poor and weak and doesn’t have WiFi in the middle of the Sahara. Anyways how in the world does WiFi get to Australia? Has anyone ever thought of that. So yes you got nominated you cry because you didn’t win. George Lucas didn’t cry when he didn’t win! He might have cried when his wife left him but he didn’t cry cause he lost! No so I think I’m tired Cause this is all starting to sound wonky. Anyways go Lucasfilm. Make more Star Wars don’t let Luke die please. Wow I have no idea how in the world talking bout nominating stuff came down to Star Wars.



Huh. ok, chicken for africa


Yay u get empowerment and a half off coupon for the Maul

Also I might be spam liking u cause u read it!
Yep I ended up on Star Wars that is how obsessed I am.



Yey… #WififorAfrica


WiFi. But wait wouldn’t they need a device to use the WiFi?




Tru. Hai Waffle!!



Hai Wffle! Ha wffle not waffle.



And Hai Sophia!



I never said I wasn’t going to win; I just didn’t want to.


I am going to give away the special awards tommorow like most wins and stuff liked that…


I wasn’t talking directly at anyone, I just heard a lot of people were saying that they weren’t gonna win and were going to be sad cause they didn’t get a lot of votes.

Also I might have been a tiny bit jealous at the beginning but then sleep was like write funny so I did.



I never thought I would get ‘best overall’ I thought I’d win for 'best spamliker or something…


Also if anyone wants to join me in congratulating Mark Hamill on being so far probably the only actor of the original trilogy of Star Wars of the original threesom.e (why is that blocked) also for being best ever type almighty Hamill at bottom of reply in all caps



It’s not blocked on mine threesome see


STRange. ■■■■■■■■■ see it blocked!


@sophia71205 the results are now on post 1


Finally, someone understands me. I mean spam liking, it can be true if you spam like a lot, but it just never feels right when someone says something like you’re the most supportive friend.


oh hey would u look at that i forgot this thing was even happening rip…

i’m surprised i even placed considering how infrequently i post art now hhhh

uhhh but really huge thank you to the people that nominated and voted for me?? wrow


Wow three leader board positions to u Sophia
And 2x2 for Kay kat