Hopscotch Awards 2017(Results Are Out Now On The First Post!)



Welcome the Hopscotch Awards for 2017!
This is the next Hopscotch Awards after 2016!

Award Ceremony:
Ok I am here to announce the winners of the 2017 Hopscotch Awards!
There will be bonus awards for:
Most Awards One
Highest Majority Win
Lowest Majority Win(still win with a small amount of overall votes)
Ok now for the results!

Best Overall
1st @glam_unicorn
2nd @WynterDiamond
3rd @KayKat

Best Coder
1st @Madi_Hopscotch_
2nd @CreationsOfaNoob
3rd @KayKat

Best Artist
1st @SuperGirl3Acer
2nd @photographer123
3rd @Waffle_Draws

Best Trail Artist
1st @KayKat
2nd @Maltese

Best Pixel Artist
1st @Dylan329
2nd @KayKat
3rd @BB-Box

Best Shape Artist
1st @FearlessPhoenix
2nd @WaterFlame

Best Game Maker
1st @Valgo
2nd @CreationsOfaNoob
3rd @MR.GAM3R

Most Creative Games
1st @HopscotchRemixer
2nd @DMF
3rd @AHappyCoder

Best Graphics In Games
1st @CreationsOfaNoob
2nd @DMF

Best Music Maker
1st @Serenity
2nd @Mystic_Maniac

Best Illuision Maker
1st @Valgo
2nd @Funky_63_Greenland

Most Helpful
1st @WynterDiamond
2nd @sophia71205
3rd @CatWithABrush

Best At Decoding Ciphers
1st @Gobli09
2nd @HappyDolphin
3rd @hyperactive_fox

Best Hacker
1st @colorclash
2nd @GalaxyCat
3rd Frog Space

Best Spamliker
1st @sophia71205
2nd @Gobli09
3rd @PaperBagHat_meep

Most Supportive Friend
(Top 5 instead of 3)
1st @MiNi
2nd @sophia71205
3rd @photographer123
4th @SweeTeaStuffz
5th @Grizzlyzoe

Best Tag List
1st OMTL
2nd NaF
3rd BananaFrens

Most Forgiving Person
1st @MiNi
2nd @WynterDiamond
3rd @FearlessPhoenix

Best Topic
1st Drawing On Paper Compared To iPad
2nd Gobli’s General Topic II (Now III)
LazyLizard’s Mental Health Topic


Best Decoder: @HappyDolphin
Best At Decoding Ciphers: @Gobli09






Both of those would be @AHappyCoder


Best artist:









Um, Idk…


:333333 thx dood.
I don’t really deserve it, but thx.


New topics:
Best spamliker
Best Supportive friend


Yea you do… you always say that but you are.


:/// :333


Are you still at schools?


Nope. I’m at my house.


You’ll probably win every best artist poll


Wow? Already? It’s like 2:00 are you sick?


Nooo… it’s no t 2:00 where I live…


:oooo what time like 3?


:333 seeeeccccrrrreeeetttss