Hopscotch award ceremony!


The hops award ceremony will be December 24 the day before Christmas. Look for people who you think are being good! Fill out this form
I saw:______ being _____

The award you should give____

Here are the awards. Add some if you want!
On topic
Awesome coder
Kind person
Being helpful
Helping a new person
Making a great topic

Then edit the prizes you will give the people that get the awards!


That's a loooong time away!


It's when everyone's out of school though


That's true… even the Brits


XD. Yeah even the Brits


Any forms yet???

Nope. Too bad


I saw @Intellection74 being helpful to everybody on the forum!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Ok! Do want to make any awards? Edit above