Hopscotch available for laptops!(idea)


ok guys, so i had an idea about bringing hopscotch to a higher level by making it available on laptop, computers and such. Is it possible? because I only have a laptop and nothing else.


Several people were wondering this, and I think @Ana replied to them saying that it wasn’t one of Hopscotch’s current goals.


But that’s one of mine. At least I’m making a web viewer (on a website) for viewing and liking Hopscotch projects. I have to see if THT approves it though.


yeah, thats a gr8 idea tho but THT has to approve it…




that would be cool
and the forum can be accessed on the computer so that is a good idea


well we can always use bluestacks…
that is a website that lets you play mobile games on your laptop.
my friend told me about that today (she doesn’t play HS)


Yes, but it runs Android. And Hopscotch isn’t available on Android.


Don’t mind me, just tilting my expensive pc 180 degrees to get the full gaming expirence.


That is an awesome idea. Having a web version of Hopscotch can be really useful. People with large iMacs would also be able to enjoy the full experience.


But what about tilting?