Hopscotch Artists lessons!



(i don't know if there is a similar topic, if there is please remind me!:D) this is a topic to let ANYONE who loves art or good at art to talk about there way to draw and ideas to teach more people to draw good! (not only on iPads but on paper too!)



I'd say you post this on the Drawing topic, as this isn't very Hopscotch related. :wink:
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my suggestion of draw good on IPad is to use a STYLUS! (even though i don't have one :blush:)


Here is where @RubyStars meant! :wink:.


sorry, my hand slipped:sweat_smile:


No problem, would you like to ask a Leader to merge it?


what do u mean?:sweat_smile:


Ok, umm... wait a second, I'll call a Leader. Basically, I mean put your post in that Topic. Maybe AHC could explain more?


this is kinda different from that topic, it is most teaching people how to draw.....
( like steps to draw an eye):slightly_smiling:


Can I take a drawing lesson


You take posts from one topic and insert them into another topic :wink:.


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Yeah what he said! :wink:


if u can, can u post it for me?:blush:


sure, what style? anime, kawaii....


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Do you mean merge? I'm sorry, I can't. :pensive:


But @PopTart0219 can :wink:.


i am taotolly confused now.....


Can you do Anime??????