Hopscotch Artists App?



Ok guys I have been thinking about this for a long time!! All the Artists in Hopscotch can puplish their art in Another app! When you publish somthing it gives you a choice to puplish it in a diffrent app so we could puplish it their instead of hopscotch! No, I am not against art at all! We could transfer all the drawing pads in hopscotch their so we can use art all around! Because some people can't stop complaining about art on hopscotch! I hope you guys consider this idea maybe we could disscus some possible ideas below!

  • Hopscotch Art App
  • Hopscotch
  • Other ( Comment Below )



Wow poll votes are coming in every second I type!


There's an app called paigeeworld that I recommended and some hopscotchers are in there :3


Great idea! I like it! But:

It costs $100 NZ per year to run keep the app on the App Store. The Team need to pay to keep the forum running, to let people publish as many projects as they want, and keep the school version, normal, and daisy the dino on the app store, do they need another app?


I'm guessing by that @AHappyCoder you live in New Zealand ?


The only reason I use hopscotch as a drawing app is because I have really bad drawing apps and most drawing apps that I've seen are complicated