Hopscotch Art, Your Art on Hs ( Separate topic, only Hs)



Hello! I want to start a topic where everyone can post their favorite hopscotch art! If you don’t have an art account, go to my account use my CTP Art Pad ( If you want to you can also use SG3A’s Pad) but just make a picture. It can be of anything. And then if you want to go to my account CatsThatPaint and show your favorite picture that I did!


So… I can’t start A Hs art topic? I’m just confused. Sry!


Okay, is there anyway I can delete this?


Nope, sorry… you can use it for something else if you find that you need a new topic, but for now just leave it as it is.


Okay, I might change it in the future!


Sounds good :slight_smile:


I think that the “Drawing Topic” includes all drawing. Hopscotch drawing, drawings on your computer, sketches, art talk, requests and more. I am sorry, you might have to “recycle” this topic. Or, you can just switch over to the art topic.

If you want to “recycle” this topic, change the title and the description of the first post, changing the whole topic’s topic. Ask everyone to delete their posts by putting a “@”-sign in front of their names in a post. Then, you can change the subject totally.


Hey, as @William04GamerA mentioned, Can everyone deleted their comment by putting an @ sign?


I might have confused you. Put an @ sign in front of everyone that replied on this topic, like this:
@WynterDiamond @HorseLover347 @CatsThatPaint @William04GamerA. I already did that for you though. For everyone that got tagged here, read this post:


Go to the topic description and tap the delete. Hopefully the whole topic will be deleted