Hopscotch Art Requests!


Hello everyone I hope you are having a great day/night anyways, I need to work on humans so I would love to open requests!

They are free, I just ask maybe look at my hopscotch:D !

Hair Color/style:
Eye color:
Clothing: (will be mid stomache and up)

I hope everyone enjoys my art as much as I do!
(Since everyone is doing this!)

Yes, I am way better at Wolves... ;-;
But here is anime art example!

(Totally not a Nyan cat girl ;v;)


Can u draw me plz?
Gender: Girl
Hair Color/style: long blonde
Eye color: green
Clothing: (will be mid stomache and up): any thing
Extras!: headphones?


Love drawing wolves too. I'm not as good as you but RubyWolf says I'm awesome at them.


You are SW!!!!!!!!! I luv them


You're a great drawer @VanillaOwl


Your request will be done in a bit! I need to get some rest though, it's very late!


wow i love your art espescially the wolf


Yes! Agree, agree, agree. You guys are both great!


Can you draw me please? Thanks for tagging me :stuck_out_tongue:
Gender: female
Hair Color/style: dark dark brown hair with braids
Eye colour : dark dark brown
Clothing: (will be mid stomache and up) surprise me :3
Extras!: purple glasses


Gender: girl
Hair Color/style: black straight down
Eye color: hazel brown
Clothing: peach shirt with a cool star and blue jeans
Extras!: none


Please stop tagging everyone it annoying


Why did you tag yourself. XD


I keep on getting tagged thanks! I don't have any requests for you to draw.


Lol I just realized that.