Hopscotch and paper requests?


I do hopscotch and paper requests! If you would like one tell me and I'll draw what you like!


Can you please draw what you think I look like on paper or digital I don't mind you're a great drawer


Thanks but can you tell me what you look like or what I think you look like?


You guess I'll give you two hints I'm a girl and long blonde hair


Chibi, anime or manga?


Chibi please! Or anime whatever you are better at


There we are! Sorry no colour but well ya!


Thanks it is really good no colour= that's okay


Thanks I just don't like doing colour cos it stresses me but I'm ok with ( you're an awesome drawer to!)


Thanks :blush::blush::blush: sometimes I don't use colour


You should draw a banana! On iPad please. Lol I don't know what to request


Can I have a request


A unicorn!


No I mean can I make a request for you


Me? I can't draw! Or are you asking puppylpver111?


No I am asking you you made the smiley pad


Oh yah ok


I want you to draw Santa


Hi Ruby I feet bad for doing a bad place c so here is no. 2!


OMG THX I AM not really on right now but I'll do it tomorrow!:wink: