Hopscotch and forum badges 2! Credit to LollyPopcorn!



All Credit to @lollypopcorn

This is A topic where you earn badges doing certain things! Please show link or screenshot for proof when redeeming a badge! Please enter suggestions here!

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Hopscotch Username-
How long have you been on Hopscotch and Forum?
Why do you want to join?
Give a suggestion for new badge(Optional)
Best achievement in Hopscotch(etc Featured,100likes)

There all the space so don’t be shy!

Current Badges for forum

Welcome badge- Welcome a new user-:+1:t2:
Love is in the Air- Receive 5000 likes!-:heart:
My heart has stopped- Give 10000 likes!:kissing_heart:
Forum Addicted- Be on for over 1 year!:iphone:
Bookworm-Have 10 days read time!:nerd_face:
So Popular- Get 50 Great Topic Awards!-:sunglasses:

Current Badges for Hopscotch

Notifications are being Spammed!-Recieve 100 likes on one project-:zap:
Who Nominated me?- Get on Featured!-:scream_cat:
I’m Superman!- Debug Someone’s Code-:unlock:
I’m Famous- Get 1000 Plays on a project!-:gem:
Me Too Popular- Get on Trending 30 times!-:gift_heart:
I’m being Remixed! Get Remixed 50 times!-:recycle:
Trail To The Top-Make A Trail Art!:crayon:
Pixel Man-Make A Pixel Art!-:fountain_pen:
Light,Camera,Action- Make a movie-:film_projector:
Gaming Time- Recreate 3 Arcade Games-:space_invader:
Music Magician- Make A Music Project-:musical_score:
Positions-Make a attack game or defence game-:bow_and_arrow:
Coding Partners- Have A Coding Partner of Collab!-:couple:
I’m A winner- Win A Coding Contest-:trophy:
Ok I’m Stuck To The IPad- Be On Hopscotch for 3 Years!-:date:
Tutorial Me- Make A Tutorial for the beginners!-:memo:

Featured Badges!

I’m The First Reply-1️⃣
Be The First One or one of the first 3 To Reply

Badge Master!- Be the first to collect 10 badges!-:running_man:t2:

People who have joined!

Nindroid Games

Top Players!

1-Nindroid games and laser_eyed_puppy

Peoples Badges

Nindroid Games-1️⃣:+1:t2::kissing_heart:




Your In! You Also receive a badge!@Petrichor


Much More Badges for hopscotch


I have :+1:


Wait You have collected All Of Them! I’m not gonna ask for proof cuz I trust you!


Nope. Not the trending ones. I’ve been there like three times total.


Is it okay if I add them tommorow thanks and bye


I guess I count as the 2nd person to reply because you two were the same people every time…
HS: November 2014 on a very old account HSF: November 2016
This sounds fun!
Um 408 likes and my featured


Here are my badges too,


Thanks just going to add them!


Their just emojis.


[Not to be rude] But What Else am I supposed to use?