Hopscotch advice


Oh okay!!


Wow that's so cool! Are there any other tricks I should know?:sweat_smile:




For invisible texts I will make a topic for all the cool tricks for you!


Wow that's cool thanks SO much!


You can find some here!:

Also, this is the last post w/out being tagged I'll make.


No probloem so if you search through the magnifying glass (tap or click it) then type cool forum tricks and you will find some tricks!


Sorry... I don't know what tagging is.. But thanks for the link!


Here's tagging



Oh I see! Thanks Huggingfluffybear! You're so helpful!


No problem! By the way when you get on hopscotch there may be a follow waiting for you!:wink:


You are just so awesome :joy:


Thank you! You are so nice!


Wait so I have to tag people to get them to respond? Or why do I need to tag?
Thanks so much I'm so clueless about this!:grinning:


It sends them a notification!


I started in February, so for about a year now!


OHHH thanks! And thank you huggingfluffybear and Poptart0219 for the likes! You guys are the best!


Thanks again!


Totally! I love your projects!


Thanks you so much! That means a lot coming from a great coder like you!


GAMES ARE MEH LIFE!!! And hi! Welcome! If you have any questions, I'm kinda new but I'm getting the hang of it! So you can just tag me at @SmileyAlyssa!