Hopscotch advice


Hi everyone! I'm kind of new to hopscotch, just started in January as RedRasberry2016! I thought I could make a place where we all share coding advice to each other. Like for example, I saw how to make a poll! This is also my first created topic!

  • I like making fun games!!!


Anyway I think you understand what I want to do here.We can have Hopscotch challenges! I searched before I looked up, but I may have missed something. Thanks,


I've seen a few "Truth or Dare" topics on here, but you're new. Welcome to the forum!


Thanks! Hopscotch is really cool!


Welcome to the forums!


Wow! I have seeN PopTart0219 on Hopscotch! Your art is AWESOME!


Thanks! I'm trying to get more into games :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can't wait for you Aptitude Test! I just liked one of your projects! :blush::joy:


Thanks! I'll check to see which one, I'm in the car and almost home :slightly_smiling:


:smile: What is your favorite thing about Hopscotch? I like making fun draws and backgrounds!


I love making quizzes! Also, I like to mess around with the art blocks and see what I can do with them


That is so cool! How long have you been on Hopscotch?


Welcome to forums! It's great to see so many new people joining and contributing to the community! I think you will find the forums a great place to talk to other hopscotcher and collaborate!


Whoa... Are you the one who made The Laser Snake game?? That is one of my favorite games on Hopscotch!


Welcome to the FOOOORRRRRUUUMMM!!!


Thanks! Yes I did make LS!


Hello welcome the forum

forums forums forums forums

If you need any help type @Huggingfluffybear


I like your profile picture :joy:


Wow that's cool! How do you make those lines?


never mind figured it out by pressing random buttons :joy:


You do


And the more >'s the more lines! And add any message not just hello!