Hopscotch Additions

So I’ve been on hopscotch for a while now, and I have a few ideas that I think would improve the app a lot.

  • Custom Sounds, I know this has been requested before but I really think it should be added and just like how projects with images are filtered, projects with sounds could be filtered too.

  • A better filtering system, basically one of my projects has been in the filter for three days… now that’s a long time for a project which was completely following guidelines, a suggestion I have for the filter system is that only the first time you post a project it should go into the filter or if you add images or edit them, this way it will save work for people monitoring projects with images and then projects will get more accurately placed in newest.

  • A list rule, the list rule essentially would work as a list and could be a list of game objects or variables or strings, you would need to add rules like
    Get List Item At (Index)
    Add Item To List At (Index)
    Replace List Item At (Index)
    Clear List (List)
    Remove List Item At (Index)
    Create List (Name)
    Lists would be shown in the variable section and you could create lists like variables, you could also edit lists and lists could contain other lists and variables and strings and numbers, the possibility’s are near endless!


1 and 3 are already on the roadmap and 2 is currently not possible as all filter checking is done manually by THT. they are a very small team and dont have enough team members at the moment to either make a better automated system or quickly get through all filtered projects, especially on a holiday weekend.


Ooh yeah forgot bout the holiday lol


I was wondering if 3 was gonna be added because I suggested it a few months ago and just pushed it off like No one saw it lol


then you should bump the idea or do some digging to see where theyre at with development. people see the ideas but replying with the same thing over and over (like “sbyp, theres already topics” and then a discussion about said topics) isnt super productive.

so no need to make a new topic (even if it combines all of the ideas) since that’s still just repetitive.
search the forum for a bit next time; theres a reason we keep everything neat and archived


hmmm okayy


I agree with #3. Lists would be an awesome addition


Interesting ideas!
Could there be a little elaboration on the custom sound idea? What I mean is, would this be a recording of your voice or a recording you found online (a drumbeat, for example) that was uploaded as a file, etc?


I looked at the Hs roadmap, it’s not there…


Custom Sounds are on the roadmap.

lists are not yet, but they have spoken about the status of this and why its taking a while to implement.
which is where the digging comes in. you know its a popular suggestion so read through existing topics and find comments from tht on this

its on their radar and internal features-to-add list. you can search for more info


hmmm where is the Hs Roadmap

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