Hopscotch Action Figures/Dolls?



Hopscotch Action Figures/Dolls? Yes folks, you heard me right. Hopscotch Action Figures/Dolls. This is not only a great way to have a buddy code with you, you can also get it in different people. You can get Star Girl, Cosmic Cody, Chinchilla, Space Pod, and More! So come with me folks to get some action figure/dolls.


You say action figure! I am freaking out!


Wait who is 'Chinchilla'?


I'm not too sure what you mean,,,
@i_is_nobody i think he meens Chillianna


Wait do they exsist?? Can you try to explain more In depth? Thanks!


@SnowGirl_Studios Oh ok thanks! :smiley:



She means it would be cool if there were toys based on Hopscotch characters like Star Girl, Chillanna, etc.

And they don't exist yet.... I think. :expressionless:


Yeah that would be cool! I don't think they would do this sadly becuse hopscotch is not as popular as you think!:wink:


Did you mean "Chillanna"? And I love this idea!


Oh... okay thanks @i_is_nobody


But you_are_somebody. I KNOW YOUR DARKEST DESIRE!!! pie.


Franchise lol