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I want to learn about all of it


Can you help me with that? I'm not very good at sin&cos



I know but I just don't understand it like that, I have to see it instead of reading it


Okay -- what are you having trouble with?


I just don't understand it


Okay. The only thing that you really need to understand is what all of the numbers do in the "set position" block. Let's review that.

The first number is how wide you would like your oval to be. For example, if you want a tall, skinny oval, then make this first number a small one. If you want a short, fat oval, make this number a large one.
Don't worry about what the variable does, just put it in.
The third number is the position of the center of the circle. If I want my circle to be in the center of the screen, then I set this number to 500, because the center of the X axis is 500. Tell me if you understand this part.


500 isn't the middle of the screen. Just do Width/2


The center of the screen is
X 512 Y 384.


Should I make a tutorial on tangent?

I don't know much of how it's used in hopscotch but I can make a little summary of it


Ok I did my homework @WynterDiamond!
I filled in the oval:

I made this one a while ago as a test, does it still count?


Cool! I like the first one – try making something else as the second one :wink:
@Petrichor and @HopscotchRemixer – that’s true, I just used an approximation. :blush:


@HopAcademyStudents - here’s a list of tutorial ideas!

  • How to make a gradient background
  • How to make a smooth background without hsb
  • Tips for making a mini movie
  • How to make a cool loading screen
  • How to make a cool intro screen
  • How to make bold text
  • How to make a scrolling website
  • Tips for making a realistic background
  • How to make a simple draw pad

I hope that teachers decide to make some of these! Please add any ideas, students, that you would like to see, below!


I made a super efficient smooth gradient background without HSB.

I will do a better but less efficient one soon.


I can do the screen ones and the bold text one. It is late where I am so I will make some tutorials tomorrow.
Students…be prepared!
Also, @ExquisiteSoup you didn’t do your homework…


Okay, cool! I look forward to seeing your and @Petrichor’s tutorials!!


Most people know how to do regular bold text, but this makes it faster. You get 360 clones faster than 36 usually.

I hope you enjoy.


I thought I had changed what I’d like to learn but sure, I’ll do it.


I will publish some tutorials soon…like within the next hour.


How To Make A Cool Intro Screen
What are intro screens used for?
Intro screens are used to hook the player that has happened to have clicked or tappped on your project. If you want to give s good first impression this is a good way to do it. Also, make your intro screen your screenshot for the project too.
Some tips:
1.Used 3D Text!
@Petrichor has a good design tutorial for 3D Text that uses Sine and Cosine. I will be posting a simple way to make shadow Text that doesn’t require clones. If you have your own method use that too!
2.Show Off!
Show some of the characters in your game or maybe the theme of it. For example if you have a summer themed game have a summer themed start screen.
3.Dont forget the info!
Put who it’s by, and if you used anybody else’s code make sure to give them credit. If you update your game frequently consider adding a Changelog that has some of your recent updates in it too so people know what’s knew.
4.Personal Game-Specific Things
If your game has a store then you can put it here. If you have a restart screen make sure it resets back to your main screen. Maybe add some trail art or shape art to the main screen too.
Make a starting screen for a game you have already made or make a game with a starting screen.
Extra Credit:
Make a starting screen template so anyone can make their own starting screen!