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I don't really understand the second part


Hopscotch Username: Kayro
What you want to learn: Arts like trail art, pixel art, and shape art
Anything else (suggestions, stuff about yourself): I am not active in the summer. I may not be able to be a student for long.


yer welcome nachachoes


@Kayro we have a few lessons on art! Check them out!


@Kayro, you're in! be as active as you can, but no pressure.
@HopscotchRemixer, Expo was having trouble understanding the second part of your tutorial, maybe you would be able to help her out.
@Explorer_, just checking, as you had mentioned that you were having trouble understanding HopscotchRemixer's tutorial -- have you completed their first tutorial? That may help. Good luck!
@AwesomeNachos, it would be great if you could teach sine and cosine!


Uh, I am a he, not a they FYI​:sweat_smile:


I will definitely try! Thanks Wynter.


Yes, I didn't understand how to do it


(sorry... I did not know which gender to put, and did not want to get it wrong :yum:)


Sorree, I haven't been on the forum much.


That's okay! Work on those tutorials any time that you find convenient :wink:


Okay @HopAcademyStudents --
Mostly for the teachers --
Let's post some more tutorials! :smile:


How to make a ripple backdrop with clones

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a ripple or wavy backdrop using only one object! Here are some pictures -

Although this is not a hard tutorial, it requires a knowledge of clones and variables. Check out the other tutorials in the clone course if you are new in clone use.
Special thanks to @SummarianStudios for making some of the first clone backdrops that I saw, giving me this inspiration.
Now, without further ado, let's get this thing started!

Step 1. Grab out any shape or text object that you would like to make your backdrop with. In my case, I'll be using the chevron.

Step 2. Put some clone-creating code in, as shown below.

I have a repeat block, telling my object to create a clone 540 times, and I have a set invisibility block, making my object invisible after it finishes cloning.
Step 3. Then add a "when object is cloned" from the whens menu.

We put a set position block, but filled both spaces with variables that I made, called xPos and yPos, standing for xPositom and yPosition. I tell it that when a clone is created, to set the position to x- and yPos, then increase xPos by 40. This moves the next clone forward by a bit.
The next lines of code are simply telling what color and transparency the clones will be.
Step 4. But if we only use this code, we only fill one stripe of the whole page! So we add this statement into the "when object is cloned" code.

It checks each time when an object is cloned if the variable xPos is greater than 1000. Remember, the screen, when horizontal, is 1000 wide and 800 tall.
IF xPos is greater than (>) 1000, this command tells it to set xPos to -40 (all the way on the left side of the iPad) and increase yPos by 40 (making the next row of clones a little higher up)
Step 5. We're almost finished! All we need to do is add some extra lines of code in, as shown below.

This makes the clones constantly spin, giving the background a wavy, pulsating effect.
Armed with these steps, you should be able to make a decent backdrop!

Your homework -

  • Make your own wavy background
  • Look at these projects -

* And make a new wavy background, changing something, such as the animation or the speed.


Thank you, but I already have 2 of those backgrounds from the past. I know clones and just got familiar with self variables so I'm good. Thank you for thinking of me though :slight_smile:


You were the inspiration for making this backdrop! I didn't think that you needed it :wink:


Wow I had no idea I was inspirational! You just made my day @WynterDiamond :grinning:


Here's the first one: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/ytz4g0fha


Very cool! I like it! :wink:


@ExquisiteSoup what do you want to learn?
Would you like to be a student/teacher


Hopscotch username: PianoMan​:musical_keyboard:
What I want to learn: How to use modulo, how to use clones for ripple effect, how to make a very quick background using clones, how to make pixel art, and how to use clones for a simple fade effect.