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That's okay. I don't know if there is a way to delete groups, but if there is, I would suggest just deleting it. Thank you!


Thanks! :wink:
It looks good!


We should really make more lessons. Also, I am doing that advanced user lesson by Discobot and I am on the part where you undo a d oeted post. How do you undo a deleted post?


I'm not sure, I think that you need to skip that section. And, good thought on making more tutorials. I agree, and will probably make more soon :wink:


Also, what time zone do you live in? So we know when to communicate?


I'm pacific time. What about you?


Type skip alone in a post. You don't need 20 characters.


I am in Eastern Standard Time. You are about 1 hour behind me about.


@NindroidGamesSince you criticize me for housing the OMTL guidelines, I am going to ask you a question about it this time. Hypotheticals, if I wanted more students join Hopscotch Academy, could I tag OMTL?


I'd love to! I don't know much about math in HS, you think you could help me with that?


Yeah! I could teach some math! I am going in to Algebra I next year and AI am gifted in Matthew according t my school so I like to think I am good at Math!


I will get to work wth a lesson for you @ExquisiteSoup but I need a few things first:
What do you want to learn?
Try out one of my other lessons to get a feel of what my lessons are like!


I'd like to learn more specifically about Sine and Cosine, we don't learn that in my school and it seems interesting for trail art.


Are you in 9th grade? That is wierd. I can teach you about Sine and Cosine or you could take Pre-Calc next year and become an absolute pro at it.


No, I'm in 4th. :joy:
I guess it's normal that I don't learn stuff like that.


Oh, sorry, I was thinking of someone else🤣. You probably shouldn't learn Sine and Cosine because you probably don't know enough math to get you there in the first place. Do you know the Pythagorean Theroem? Without looking it up I mean.


Would you want to learn anything besides Sine and Cosine? @ExquisiteSoup


I've never quite understood Self.


Self? You mean yourself? What do you mean? Self-Objects?