Hopscotch Academy - Always accepting new students and teachers!


YOu can’t


Oh, okay… Oh well XD

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Sure! I’ll try to, but I’m kinda busy. But that’s still a yes!


Okay, cool :slight_smile:


How to write good constructive criticism

Writing constructive criticism (often shortened to “cc”) is important to helping other Hopscotchers with their code, reviewing a piece of art, or helping a student (if you’re a teacher). This article will cover the basics of constructive criticism :slight_smile:

  • Be sure to mix criticism and praise. The person who you’re criticizing will feel much better at the end if you do this!
  • Review the cc before you post it. It’s just good practice overall.
  • Always stay positive!
  • Throw in some humor, if you can, but don’t make fun of the person who you’re criticizing.
  • Don’t be afraid to point out mistakes. One can only get better if they know what to improve.

That’s pretty much it! Writing good cc isn’t hard at all :grin:

Your homework: help someone on their project, and tag me where you’ve given constructive criticism. That’s it :slight_smile:

Hopscotch Academy 2 - Always Accepting New Students And Teachers!

Hopscotch Username: DutchessofSC
How long you have been on hopscotch: a week
Your strengths on hopscotch: quick student, experience in making music and photoshop and drawing
How often you are on: every day
Anything else: love to learn all. Try to make a project a day, although I don’t think I can keep that up, if my games get more complicated.

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WynterDiamond is no longer active so the school is currently shut down unfortunately :frowning:

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I know this is an old topic, but if you just spam ‘J’ and ‘L’ then it likes every post in a topic.


thats interesting

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