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I want to be a teacher!
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Clones, Variables, Math
No homework!!


Cool! I will add you in, you can start making tutorials at any time!


I might make a tutorial on sine, cosine, tangent and the other things in the maths place, but is there anything else I could make one on? I have no other ideas. :slight_frown:


Clone ID a Lesson:
Clone IDs are a way for everyone clone to have a specific set of code using variables. If you want to learn everything about Clone IDs I reccomend that you know a lot about control blocks and variables. This is a litghtly intermediate topic.
How Do Clone IDs work?
Let's say you had a Repeat Ten Times Block With Create A Clone In It. If you wanted to make a Clone ID for every separate clone, add after the Create A Clone Block, Increase (Variable:Clone ID) By 1. This will make it so every clone has a separate ID. Now, depending on how many clones you made (in this case 10) that would be the amount of separate clone IDs you would have. Now, make a Block that would say: When (Variable: Clone ID)=1 Set Position To Self X Position+50 Self Y Position+50. Repeat this process for every Clone ID (When Clone ID=1 or When Clone ID=2 so On and so forth for every one of your clones.
Quick Tip:If each separate Clone ID takes a while to do, consider using a wait Block after each clone is created.
Optional Homework:
Create A Project That Will Make A Zigzag Line Across The Project Using Clone IDs and Positions
For A Project Example:

Make clones better than before.

Slightly advanced.


Anything is okay! You could make a tutorial on good naming practice for variables, how to code a trail art, or how to use clones as just a few suggestions!


Good lesson. I agree with Nindroid that clone id's are not super advanced, but no need to reword! I will post it up above.


Ok I will make a lesson on Clones!


Clones 101:
Last time, I told you about Clone IDs. But, if you were confused by that here is a very simple lesson on how to use clones. Clones are very unique and allow you to do new things! I would recommend knowing about control blocks and Size and Color blocks too.
What are clones?
Clones are multiples of one object that you can manipulate to do multiple things. It is also easier to fill up your screen less if you just use clones(especially with Clone IDs).
How Do I Get Started?
For starters, you are going to need a Block, specifically, Create A Clone Of This Object. This Block Can Be placed in anything but won't do anything until you get a new type of block in IPad (one of the purple ones like When Game Starts). This block is, When Object Is Cloned. This will allow you to manipulate the clones. Now, Clone IDs allow you to do separate or different things with each separate clone, but regular cloning repeats a pattern the number of times you cloned the object. Let's say for example, you put a Create A Clone Of This Object, inside a Repeat 3 Times Block. The When Object Is Cloned block would now appear if you were to tap or click outside of any of the code(bringing up the blocks like When Game Starts or When ___ Is Tapped). Click or tap on the When Object Is Cloned Block. Click or tap inside of this Block and place a Set Position Block in it. Inside the Set Position block, put this code, Set X Position To Random 0-Width Y Position Random 0-Height. Play the project and you will see the four clones(three clones one original) on random spots on the layout!
Optional Homework:Create A Project About Clones And Randomly Set The Position Of Each Clone Every Time You Play The Project
For A Project Example:


@WynterDiamond Am I doing well with my lessons? I mean, they are different than yours but I hope they educate someone...


Trail Art "Lesson"
I can't really teach Trail art. It is kind of something you have to figure out for yourself but I have gathered some tips for doing trail Art!
1. Know Your Angles! Know that I feel you want an opposite angle, just make the same angle negatively
2.Always test. Test after every block you placed. You don't know if you missed something.
3.Get a picture. It can help you visualize what you are making.
4.Color come last. If you only focus on the color, you will never find the form of the trail art you are making.
Optional Homework:Create Your Own Trail Art!
For A Project Example:

This is not original because I didn't create the impossible triangle, but it is Trail art with various angles and lengths!


Does anyone want to be a student of mine? I can make lessons for anyone who needs to know anything specifically.


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Variables 101-
Variables are a unique way to store information through numbers. Also, it can a form of communication through multiple objects. Variables can be used with almost any part of Hopscotch, from Art Pads to Clones. To learn about variables, I recommend that you know basic math and or algebra.
What Are Variables?
Variables are always set to a number. This number can be a fraction, or a decimal. A variable can also be set to an equation, with the answer to the equations would be the variable. Variables are often used with Clone IDs and multiples of a numbers for art pads.
How Can I Use Variables?
First, you have to create the variable. You can do this by using the Set (Variable) Block. Choose a name for your variable. For this example, we are going to use "X". Now, you are going to want to Set your variable to a specific number. For this example, we are going to use the number 2. Congrats! You have just set a variable to a specific number! Now, if you want to see more about variables, create a text object. Select the When___=___ Block. Put in the blanks 7's or any number that is the same (1's 2's 3's and so on and so forth). Now tap or click the set text Block. Click on the list button at the top right of the keyboard. Scroll over to the IPad section and click on your variable. Press the play button. This text will now show the value that you set to your variable!
Optional Homework:Create A Project that includes variables in it.


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