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@ReadingSlayer if you want to learn about math go to @Petrichor’s and @WynterDiamond’s math lessons. I also have a few but they aren’t as good. If you go to the first post at the top of the topic, then choose one of the links under the category “Math”


Sorry about not posting anything in this topic like ever anymore(lessons wise) I will make a pixel art lesson soon


Pixel Art Lesson-
What is pixel art? Pixel Art is a type of art that uses tiny squares called pixels at you use to make up a greater image or picture.
In Hopscotch there are many ways you can make pixel art with different styles!
In Hopscotch, pixel art is actually trail art, so if you want to make pixel art you should probably be good at trail art first.
Common Styles of Pixel Art On HS-
Trail Square- Every Pixel is made out of an object drawing a small square.
Horizontal Trail-Long lines make up this trail art making its photos very blocky.
Variable-Make a variable called pixel and set it to a certain number. Change the Y of an object and make it go back down to make your pixel.
X/Y Pos.-Make your object draw a pixel through setting an X and Y Pos.
Shape-Use clones to make each of the pixels! Everyone has their own way of doing this.
Homework:Look at some of the different ways people do pixel art on Hopscotch and give me 3 examples.




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