Hopscotch Academy - Always accepting new students and teachers!



Explorer, sure! Just try to make it a little bit different. I would love to join, in fact :slight_smile:
@TheRealPikachu, yes, you may teach and learn :grin:


Just make sure you teach a different course than what you are learning XD


Yes, what HopscotchRemixer said XD
You don’t want to try to learn from yourself – you won’t get anywhere! :yum:


Wow we sure have been inactive…


Yes we have… and so have I :stuck_out_tongue:


It is 9:55 where I am… I will make a tutorial tomorrow


Okay, sounds good. I haven’t been so active, but I will try to make some more tutorials as well.


Did I miss a class? If yes I am sorry again!


No, you didn’t. We simply have not been making so many new lessons :slight_smile:
No worries!


There hasn’t been any activity here…


Im ready to learn more, teachers.

I’m not afraid.
now u say “you will be” twice!


Oh yeah… :sweat_smile: I have to “drop out” of this since I can’t use Hopscotch… I’ll remove myself.


Yeah, we’ve been really inactive XD


Like really inactive lol…


Like really really really inactive XD


Hopscotch Username: Hoped Pika 63 #Code4Life
I want to learn Sin And Cos, Advanced Varibles and Clones, 3D Stuff and more
About me: I L😍 V E Coding! I’m A Harry Potter Fan And Some other useless facts about me!


Okay – you’re accepted as a student :slight_smile:
We’ve been really inactive, but you can start taking the classes that are already there for now.


Ive done all of them! xD


Wow! Good job :slight_smile:
I’ll try to remember to tag you when I put some new tutorials up!


I want to join as a student!