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Here’s my late homework


Another late homework


I don’t understand that


Yay!!! Well, I’m probably just going to read it again, and then take another course!


I don’t understand the variables in it


@HopscotchRemixer I went through all the lessons and did all the homework that I understood


Basically, when the variable is 1, that means that the statement is true, and when the variable is 0, that means that the statement is false. So when each emoji pops up, it sets the variables to either 1 or 0 (true or false).


Ok I’ll do it now


Nvm I still don’t get it


Okay… you don’t need to do that one if you don’t want to.


No no, it’s just that I don’t really understand it


Sure I’d love help with clones, I’m not too good with clones and Positions for them🙂


Okay. You don’t really need to do the homework, the main part is understanding it. The idea is that you make a bunch of variables that can be true or false. Such as IsStandingOutside, or IsEatingNoodles. The variable gets set to one if it’s true, and zero if it’s false. Let’s say that you have a person that only plays tag outside (makes sense, right :stuck_out_tongue:). But you want him to be able to make his own decision about whether he is playing tag or not. To do this, use your IsStandingOutside variable. Have him set it to one when he’s outside, and zero when he’s in. Now, you can tell him to play tag when IsStandingOutside = 1 (or true).


Ok thank you so much!


@SkyFrost I was asking if anybody wanted to be a student not a teacher…


Oh, then can I be a student


Fill out the forum and join a course… I might have a lesson out soon too…


Tag Lists-How They Should And Should Not Be Used

The OMTL stands for the Official Mass Tag List. This is the biggest tag group on the forum.
How this should be used-
For general topics every month
General Announcements (Not personal Announcements)
How this shouldn’t be used-
For telling people about new projects
Personal Announcements (exp. I am going on vacation!)

The POMTL stands for Project Official Mass Tag List and is an alternative OMTL and is used for tagging people about new projects.
What it should be used for-
Tagging people to check out your new project
Asking people to rate a new project
What it shouldn’t be used for-
Tagging people about General Topics
Personal Announcements

Club/Group MTL
There are several clubs and groups on the forum and some of them have tag lists that tag everyone in the group/club.
What it should be used for-
Announcements for the club/group
Inactivity notices
What it shouldn’t be used for-
Anything that doesn’t have to do with that club or group

Personal MTL
These tag lists are used for tagging someone’s closest friends. For example, I have a tag list called @TheCoders which I tag whenever I want to say something to them.
What it should be used for-
Personal Announcements
New Projects
General Talking and conversation starters
What it shouldn’t be used for-
Well, there isn’t anything you shouldn’t use it for there are just more efficient tag lists for other things…

Forumer Tag-
This is a specific person on a forum that you want to notice you.
What it should be used for-
Telling someone something
Conversation Starter(exp. Hey @_____! Wanna talk?)
What it shouldn’t be used for-
Spam.ming someone trying to get them to notice you.

Please don’t over tag and of these groups or people. It fills up there notifications tab and really annoys them.

No homework!


Can you be both a teacher and a student? Sorry if it’s a ■■■■ question :sweat_smile:


@WynterDiamond, can I also create a Hopscotch school? It will be different and I will still give you credit!