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Okay. :slight_smile:

I wish you luck!


Thank you!


Uhh I don’t know if this counts as Sin&Cos


Yes, it does. It seems as though you didn’t set the position to the very center of the circle, but that’s fine. It looks very good!


Thanks, I’m not good at it


You did very well for your first time!


Thank you!
You do amazing projects!!!


@Petrichor, what is the homework for absolute value?




@Explorer_ you forgot all my homework. You are taking the math course right? Well I have some rounding homework for you…


??? I don’t get that. Is there no homework??




Ok I’m sorry, I’m taking all the courses, plz tell me all, I’ll try to do them ASAP. And in the future can you tag me? Because I forget


Go to every lesson, the links are on the first post…read through the lesson, go to the bottom of each lesson, and do the homework for each one.


Ok I will! Thank you so much!


Wait, but I’m taking all course


So you have to do all the homework…for every single lesson


Ok but I’m stuck on the first one


Here’s my late homework


I didn’t quite understand that