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Hello, Explo! How’s life? I’m excited to get started!


Life’s well! What about you?


It’s good! Can we go to your GT? If that’s okay with you!


Ok! I’ll meet you there!


Choose a course, such as Design or The Text Object Course and work from there. If there isn’t any course that you like, then you can always ask the teachers if they would be willing to make a new lesson!


Thank you so much!!!



We are always accepting new teachers and students!


i still don’t understand how this works. do i just post tutorials?


Yes, go to the top of the page, and you will see lists of tutorials. Look at some of them if you need some guidance on how to make tutorials. Then, make one. Students taking a certain course will automatically be placed in your class so you don’t have to worry about recruiting students!


I feel really bad for you @WynterDiamond , a few people (including me) might have Spam liked you…congrats on your 500 notifications! We estimated…


600, now! Me and @Gobli09 worked on it!


It was 370, and yes, uh… thanks, I guess.


Hi! Is there any homework that I missed?


You still need to make your own shape with sine/cosine, and I think that’s it.


Oh ok! I do it right now!


Sounds good! :smiley:


I still can’t figure it out


Okay – let’s look at the code again.

Most of the code looks normal, but then we look at the set position block. It’s really quite simple, once you understand it. Put a cos math operator in the X position area. The first number of that cosine math operator is telling the circle how wide it is going to be (because it is in the X position). The second number is a variable that constantly increases. This keeps the object from simply staying in the same spot. And the third number is the position of the center of the oval. Set this to whatever the X position is of your text object. The exact same thing applies to the Y position, except for instead of putting the cosine operator in, you put the sine operator in. The rest is the same.


Ok! Thank you! I’ll try doing it again!