Hopscotch Academy - Always accepting new students and teachers!



I’ve tried to do that but what I did wrong was that I didn’t make a self value for the X position.


Okay! Just fill this form out –

Hopscotch Username:
How long you have been on hopscotch:
Your strengths on hopscotch:
How often you are on:
Anything else:

I would love to have you on board!


Optional Homework Lesson!
(This is kinda personal for me anyways)

Can someone debug this Project? I made it and I need some people to help me with it. I will give credit!


@WynterDiamond mm… k…


Okay! I’ll add you in. You can start making tutorials at any time :wink:


I am excited to learn a lot of new things!


Okay :smiley:
I will add you to the group. You can start taking a course any time!


Okay, thanks, Wynter!


No problem!


How to speak to Discobot

  1. say “@discobot display help”
  2. Do one of the things he gives you
  3. Say “Thank you @discobot
  4. finished!


I currently know how to do the following things:

@discobot start new user

Starts one of the following interactive narratives: new user, advanced user.

@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 3, 6

@discobot quote

:left_speech_bubble: Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you — Princess Diana

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: You may rely on it


@hyperactive_fox I have lessons on variables…you can use them! Just make sure to do the homework! Your classmates are @Explorer_ and @Kayro


I also have a few tips for trail art!


I’m really bad at trail art even though I’m a teacher I’d like to learn


Okay! Where are the lessons? And can you tell me what the classmates are for?


The links to the lessons are at the top of the page and you can work on homework with students and stuff…


Once you understand movement blocks it’s easy.




Hi @hyperactive_fox! How are you? And welcome!


Wait, but I don’t know which link to do