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A Simple Shadow Text Tutorial(This is my “3D” Text Lesson)
What is shadow text?
Shadow Text is Text behind original Text that makes the title that you are using the shadow Text for more alive. It is also looks good perspective wise, and it is perfect if you have a silhouette or shadow like game.
How Do You Make Shadow Text?
1.Type in your original text
2. In the same exact spot, create another Text object and type exactly the same Text as the original, but in black(or some other color if you want to experiment).
3.This is where perspective gets important, depending on where the source of light is coming from, move the shadow Text accordingly so. Play around with the perspective to find the best fit for you.

No Homework! Work on some Shadow Text if you want though.


Okey, here’s my first tutorial on bold text, doing it the easy way

first bring out a text object and type anything you want in there

Pull out a “when game starts” block. Inside that block, pull out a “repeat times ( )” (Inside the brackets you can put any number inside, the higher the number, the more bold it is)

Inside this block, put in a “create a clone of this object”

You should now have this-

Now, we need to create a new when. Tap under the magenta block, and take out a “When object is cloned” block. Inside this block, put a “Change x by ( )” block. In the brackets put a "random ( ) to ( )"
In the brackets you can put anything, but I recommend choosing a number not bigger than 3 or less than -3.

Then, take out a “Change y by ( )” block. Again, put in a “random ( ) to ( )” block. What I said for the “change x by” block goes for this too.

It should look something like this-

And the result is this!-

Note-If you want to, you can make the text a different color. Simply add a “set color” block inside the “when game starts” block, and put it before the repeat block, and a “set color” block in the “When object is cloned” block and before the “change y/x by” blocks. The code would look like this-

And the result like this!-

Another thing you could also do-
If you want to make the original text a different color than the clones, in the “when game starts” block and after the repeat block, drag out a “set color” block, and set the color to anything you want (Don’t set the color to what the clones of the text already are, though!) Under that, drag out a “bring to front” block. The code will look like this-

And the result is this!-


How To Make Lessons-101
Don’t use the word "uh"
Don’t use the word "nah"
Number the steps
Otherwise your lesson is perfect!


What’s wrong about saying “nah”?


Cool @HopscotchRemixer and @Gobli09! Thanks for posting these tutorials! I would add to your tutorial, Gobli, that you can make the color of the original text different than the clones, and it will remain in the center of the bold text (I’m sorry that I’m not better at explaining this).


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Don’t forget Nindroids tutorial for 3D Text too!