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Cool! I have one request – could you please put a pound sign (hashtag) in front of the title, so that is becomes bold? Thank you! The tutorial looks awesome!


It is the multipcation symbol, (can’t think of the name right now) not a #.


Hmm… It used to work, but I guess it doesn’t now. Just put this -
<h1>This text is a heading</h1>

This text is a heading


I just use the bold text
** Insert Text Here **


That’s good as well. Anyway, thanks for doing that :wink:


Not right now. I don’t have any apple products (no iPad, iPods, iPhones, none of their computers and no apples)


We should be friends sometime @svmaddy26 , the only apple device I have is an IPad and it is my schools! I don like apple devices to be honest…


Okay. I was using a school Ipad for hopscotch but I had to return it.


We get to keep our school iPads…


When you get back to school you can have Hopscotch…


How To Spam Like People
What is Spam Liking?
If you really like someone (not like, like like but just like someone…) then you should totally Spam Like them! Spam Liking someone is filling up their notifications tab with like notifications…
Warning:If you put all of your spam Likes in one topic then they can scroll up the topic removing the likes…
How To Do It!
Method 1:
Scroll up their general topic Liking all of their posts
Method 2(More annoying for the person getting spam liked):
Scroll down their replies list in their profile Liking everything!:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Lol, not a real lesson but still funny!


I’m hoping I can. I was in the elementary school but I’m going into middle school and they are more strict.


@laser_eyed_puppy did you get ideas from this post XD


Lol XDD.



My new bio is too long…:sob::sob::sob::sob:


Your bio looks fine! I think the length is good :wink:



It is quite funny :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the tutorial!


It shall help your demise!! Today is the war of likes and I shall use this wisely.


I will use it wisely too :smiling_imp: