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Hopscotch Academy

est. 2017

Learning Hopscotch through creative coding – a fun and friendly resource for hopscotchers of all skill levels!

Welcome to Hopscotch Academy! The Academy is an all age and skill level platform for knowledgeable hopscotchers to share their tips and tutorials with newer or less experienced users.
The Academy is broken off into many different aspects of coding that teachers can post their tutorials on, from mastery of variables to design tips. These tutorials could include links, videos, or pictures, too! After you finish the tutorial, the teacher will have assigned homework. Complete the homework (it is normally not much) and tag the teacher in a post with the link. The teacher can then review and give constructive criticism on your project. In this way, you will grow as a hopscotcher and come to master the art of coding! You may even decide that you want to be a teacher or teacher in training!
The Academy also acts as a forum for asking questions and getting answers from experienced hopscotchers.

The Courses

Meta-Forum Course
How to use tag lists – By @HopscotchRemixer
How to give good constructive criticism - By @WynterDiamond
The Design Course
How to make a very quick background using clones – By @Petrichor
How to make pixel art – by @laser_eyed_puppy
Some drawing tips – By @HopscotchRemixer
How To Make A Cool Start Screen – By @HopscotchRemixer
How to Use Clones
How to make clone ID’s – By @HopscotchRemixer
How to use clones – By @HopscotchRemixer
How to use clones for a simple fade effect – by @WynterDiamond
How to use clones part 2 – by @HopscotchRemixer
How to make a ripple background using clones – by @WynterDiamond
How to make a quick cloning mechanism – by @HopscotchRemixer
Math In Hopscotch
How to use rounding in Hopscotch – By @HopscotchRemixer
How to use modulo – by @Petrichor
Sine and Cosine– by @WynterDiamond
Absolute Value – by @Petrichor
Text Object Course
A Simple Shadow Text Tutorial–by @HopscotchRemixer
How to make bold text without sine and cosine – by @Gobli09
How to make quick bold text – by @Petrichor
General Computer Logic
What are booleans? – by @WynterDiamond
The Fun Stuff
How to spamlike – by @HopscotchRemixer
How to talk to Discobot – by @Gobli09

For Students
We are always accepting new students! We would be happy to help you in any way that you see fit. To start, fill out the application form below.
Hopscotch Username:
What you want to learn:
Anything else (suggestions, stuff about yourself):
This will act as your student bio, and I will make a list that has all of the students on it. Along with your name will be a link to your application.
When you choose a tutorial to do, be sure to fully read through it and complete the homework, too. When accepted, you will be added to our school’s group, called @HopAcademyStudents.
For Teachers
We are also always accepting new teachers! We always need new material. This school does not work in the same way as a traditional school, because it offers many tutorials, and the students can pick the ones that they want. This takes some of the lesson-planning strain off of the teachers, while keeping students happy! Before posting your own tutorials, fill out the form below.
Hopscotch Username:
How long you have been on hopscotch:
Your strengths on hopscotch:
How often you are on:
Anything else:
I will, just as with the students, make a list of teachers and post it with a link to your application.
Here is a loose form to making tutorials -
Name/short description of tutorials:
Longer description:
Body of tutorial (may include pictures, links, or videos):
I will post the link to your tutorial below, so that students can easily access it
Don’t want to be a student or a teacher?
You may help promote us by making a hopscotch project for us, it would be much appreciated! We will feature it on our original post.




@Gobli09 (Bio here)
@MiNi (Bio here)
@Petrichor (Bio here)
@HopscotchRemixer (Bio here)
@laser_eyed_puppy (Bio here)
@girlcode (Bio here)

Enjoy the school!

General Announcements:
We need more students! If you are interested please fill out the form posted earlier in the post.
Teachers, make sure you are posting lessons often.
Our tag list is @HopAcademyStudents if you join, you will automatically be put in the group and will be tagged whenever we need you!
If you are a student, make sure you are doing your homework!
Finally, if you are a teacher you are part of the tag group and will be an owner of it too.

Coding school for beginners
Topic Portal and FAQ
Draw a Square Tutorial!
Help with Variables
Topic Portal and FAQ

What abou art? Is art a subject on this school? If so, may I be an art teacher? Like drawing and stuff.


Yes, absolutely! Please fill out the form and out that as a strength.


What if you don't have Hopscotch anymore? The school took it away


I don't think that will work... I apologize.


The idea is great! Are we going to be assigned classes or anything?


You will not be assigned classes unless that seems to be needed. Instead, you can make any tutorials that you like and students can follow those tutorials. I will add you to the list of teachers!


Hopscotch Username: SmileySherbet
How long you have been on hopscotch: May 2016 (on a different account ;))
Your strengths on hopscotch: Pixel Art & Trail Art
How often you are on: Everyday
Anything else: I am a pretty good mathematician and I love teaching it too! I helped Elemental_Cat with fractions and decimals (I guess I could help explain something math related to someone who is struggling...)

Could I be a teacher?


Sure! (Maybe you and @Gobli09 could work together on something... I see that you share some skills!)
I will put your name on the list :wink:


Thanks! And that'd be awesome! :DD


@MiNi @Gobli09 -- You may start making tutorials any time that you want :slight_smile:


Name: Nindroid games
How long been on Hopscotch - 3 years exactly. Until Wednesday, in less than an hour and a half.
Strengths on Hopscotch - uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk.


Be sure to add how often you are on and possibly anything else!


I'm on all the time.


Okay. I will add you in! You may start making tutorials at any time.


How to make a very quick background:
This is how to make the quickest smooth background currently discovered. (First used by me! Hehe.)

Link to first ever project using this:


I might be interested in this. :)


For Students
We are always accepting new students! We would be happy to help you in any way that you see fit. To start, fill out the application form below.
Hopscotch Username: RiverDragon
What you want to learn: Sine and Cosine
Anything else (suggestions, stuff about yourself): Hopscotch is extremely laggy for me. It takes me around 5 minutes just to play one project with one text object, so I would like if my teachers were patient with me. Thanks!


Sure! I will add you to the student list. You may start taking classes, and I will request that the teachers make tutorials on sine and cosine. :+1:


Hi @HAcademy peeps! If anyone knows how to use sine and cosine, that would be very helpful for a student of ours. Any tutorials regarding this subject are welcome!