Hopscotch Academy 3

Welcome to Hopscotch Academy!

Established 2019

Hello everyone! The principal of the original Hopscotch Academy, @WynterDiamond left the forum awhile ago. I would like to give credit to the @HAcademy for starting this.

How does it work?
Hopscotch Academy is a 1-2 month long class. During the semester you will take part in 1 or more forum classes and 2 or more coding classes. (Exceptions can be made) There is also fun other classes but they are not required. You will have teachers that will help you and guide you through the semester. If at any moment you feel stressed we can help you. There is homework but it isn’t required. (Homework is a lesson that you can do on your own) All lessons are taught by us and made by us.

Common Questions
What will happen at the end of the semester?
All lessons will be posted on seperate topics with links

Im feeling stressed and i just want a relaxing discussion atmosphere?
Well then the Coding Cafe is for you! Are new official part of the HA! Just order some coffee and discuss code!

I want to be a student how do I apply?
Go to section Student Application

I want to be a teacher who do I apply?
Go to Teacher Application Section

Student Application
(Quote what is under here and answer questions)

*My Hopscotch username is

*What do you want to learn for the app?

What do you want to learn about the forum?

What else to you want to learn about?

Anything else? (about yourself, changes to the school)

Teachers Application
Teachers are chosen and are limited in position. Teacher need to have a good understanding about Hopscotch and the Forum. Teachers need to be active. Teachers must make lessons. (quote and feel out the form below)

Hopscotch Username

What would i like to make a lesson about

Anything else? (about yourself, changes to the school)

  • I want to be a student
  • i want to be a teacher

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You must feel out form first
This is just so we can get a ruff estimate of how many students

More information
My main mission is to help a new generation of Hopscotchers
If yall have any questions feel free to ask
Best of luck y’all
I hope to see y’all this semester



how do i enter


Feel out the student form or the teacher form

What would you like to enter as?


Important info!

when * this is on a application it means its required

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Here you go!


Doot doot doot


Can I be a teacher?


Here you go


Here ya go


We are currently working on getting this all setup

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Here is my form


This is temporarily on pause

I might bring this back im sorry this had to happen

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Hello @Henry! I am interested to be a teacher.

Hopscotch Username: TenseDaffodil
What would I like to make a lesson about: Using the start sound blocks, ways to use variables e.t.c.
Anything else: I started Hopscotch around 3 years ago, just forgot the password for the original one!

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Currently this is close but…
I might bring it back open

Ok. That’s ok

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