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Hopscotch Username (If you have one): @PillowFace
What do you want to learn about: sin and cosine and just generally get better at coding
Anything else (suggestions for courses, about yourself): I want to learn a lot more about the math blocks and I also want to know how to make pixel arts that generate more quickly.
Here is my entry for student.


May I teach? Maybe?


Actually the teaching panel seems pretty full…but I guess it’s good that there are HSers happily sharing code.


Hhheeeeeyyyyy. So ig I can do my first one on music? Hopefully @GweTV doesn’t mind, (or he/they/she could add on to it).

Soooooo, Music May seem simple and anyone can Code it, but some things musicians may take into mind are


BPM. bpm signifies how many times a (quarter Note, Half Note, Whole Note, etc.) is played in a minute. It is generally accosiated with the quarter Note. To make a BPM in HS, begin by creating a variable. Then
(When (Game Starts))
Set BPM to (?)
Set Quarter Note Value to 60,000/BPM

Play note (example “C#”) wait Quarter Note Value.

Note Values

There are quite a few values in music. The most common are

*Whole Note - A whole Note is 4 times the length of the most commonly used quarter Note and lasts 4 beats.

*Half Note - A half Note is 2 beats, and twice the length of a quarter Note

*Quarter Note - a Quarter Note is the most common for it only takes up 1 beat.

*Half Note - a half Note takes up half a beat, or half the value of a quarter Note.

I’m going to add more later…


I will deal with the requests later, I am only on very temporarily


Ok, I will be tagging all the teachers about this.

Teachers if you don’t post a lesson by the end of the month I am removing you from the list




Ok. Let me go work on one. I don’t really know what to do it on, though. Any ideas? Would my sine and cosine tutorial work?


I don’t mind m8. I’ll add on any expertise


What is camelCase?

camelCase is a way of typing so people know when a new word starts, for example:






In most cases, the first letter will always be lowercase, and then the first letter of the next word will be uppercase, and so on and so forth. However, sometimes you will see the first letter capitalized anyways. Programming languages often have the first letter lowercase, while companies sometime make it uppercase.

In some languages in the C family, they use camelCase. I will use Java in this case (punintended) (ok I will stop):

void setup() 
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);

Did you see pinMode in line 3? That’s using camelCase.

Here are some more examples:



The use of camelCase in product and company names is actually quite controversial, and some companies changed there logos so they aren’t using camelCase, but you can still tell when a new word starts.


Finally, here is an article you can read about camelCase and how contraversial it actually is, the second page has like 50 names of companies that use camelCase:


@Awesome_Coder_25, Awesome Coder 25.
Trail arts, making a 3D game, Intense variables, etc.


Because i learned user name is now a pending word.




I already added you as a student :smile: