Hopscotch abilitties


Hi! I have been recently watching the Hopscotch tutorials on the hopscotch app and have found it difficult because I don't have all the abilities! I have watched two videos and have not been able to complete them since I don't have the abbilities required. I just watched a video and I could not break dance since I had no breakdance ability and the other day I watched the Escape the Room and couldn't make the door wiggle since I had no wiggle abbility. I would either please like to know how to get these abilities or be taught how to make them. Thank you for you understanding!


They have removed many abilities to replace them with new ones. You could remix an old project, or I could tell you the code inside them.


Well I just need the codes to these abbilities so I can create some amazing projects! If you know the codes it would be helpful if you could tell me or send me a picture of them. Thank you so much!


Click/tap on the ones that say "Repeat" to see whats inside the Repeat block


Repeat Times (2)

Wait (500) Milliseconds

Change Y by (50)
Change Y by (-50)
Turn (182) Degrees

Repeat Times (10)

Turn (-4) Degrees
Change Pose
Wait (80) Milliseconds
Turn (4) Degrees

Turn (178) Degrees


Thank you so so so much! Can I ask one last favor? Can u show me the code for the ability "wiggle"?


Set Speed to 50
Repeat Times:4
Turn 10 degrees
Turn -10 degrees
End of Repeat
Set speed to 400


Thank you very much!


I have that same problem! That really helps!:wink: