Hopscotch 8th Birthday Raffle Winner

Hey Hopscotchers,

Thank you for celebrating Hopscotch’s Birthday with us! We enjoyed playing the creative projects that you made. One thing that has been dwelling on the back of everyone’s mind is the Hopscotch Birthday Raffle.

And the winner is …



:clap: Congratulations to michelley578 for winning the grand prize of 888 seeds :seedling:

How did you decide the winner?

The short answer is that we used Random Name Picker - Quickly Pick A Random Name to pick out a winner.

The complete process if anyone is interested:

  1. Download the seed purchase data from our server
  2. Clean and parse the data sheet using Excel
  3. Tally each person’s raffle entries (Say if Yuanyuan bought two “1 Entry” and two “5 Entries”, the software will calculate the sum, then display a table that says Yuanyuan, 12)
  4. Use this new information to create separate entries for each person as if you put tickets into a box. For example, if my table looks like:
    Yuanyuan, 2
    TestingRobot, 1
    TheAlchemist, 3
    Then I will transform it into a list that looks like this:
    The reason behind this step is so that we can use this data in the Random NamePicker Webtool. Fun fact: Technically, I can skip this step and use my original table if the webtool allows us to randomize lists that are weighted.
  5. Use the Random NamePicker Webtool to select our random winner.

How do I know if this result is genuine?

  • The website stores information for this raffle to make sure we can’t temper with the result. Read more here.
  • The more old-fashioned proof: I made a screen recording here.

If this is you:

“Aw man, this is no fun. Yuanyuan made such a short post. I wish there’s something more exciting.” :yawning_face:

I have more druuum roooolls for you :D!

the winners of…
the hidden prizes of the Hopscotch Birthday Raffle!

:tickets: If your raffle ticket entry number contains one digit of 8, you have won 1 seeds.
:tickets: If your raffle ticket entry number contains two digits of 8, you have won 8 seeds.
:tickets: If your raffle ticket entry number contains three digits of 8, you have won 80 seeds.
:gift: Early Bird Special Prize (first one to enter the raffle), 80 seeds: Kaila808

View Hidden Prize Winners Here

You will receive the prize on your Hopscotch account before Monday, May 10, 2021.

That’s it for now! Happy Hopscotching :laughing:


Nice! I love it! Congrats everyone!
Omg I can’t believe it I’m first!
first post!!!

Oo congrats!

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Also just saying i think u can see other peoples emails when ur on the sheet (i didnt check for other people saftey but yeah)

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This is awesome! How do you know what number is on your ticket?
Edit: wait never mind haha

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I bought a ticket before and just right now I made a copy of the sheet so I could take advantage of find and replace but I couldn’t find my name, either i spelt it wrong or I’m not on there


Wow I got a lot of prizes lol

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Congrats to everyone!


@Yuanyuan I bout entries and wasn’t even on the list

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Same, check my other post

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I just realize that’s the list for only the people who got hidden rewards


Ok why didny anyone else tell me :man_facepalming:

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Aw I’m sorry to hear that, but you’re right, the list only contains those who won to protect the privacy of the rest of the people.

The original spreadsheet has over 2000 entries :slightly_smiling_face:


I won a lot


I know lol I just want seeds to plant people

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Whoa! Thanks! This is awesome! Congratulations everyone!


When should we expect to receive the seeds?

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Before the tenth

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Wait, what’s the spreadsheet for?


I think to tell what your raffle ticket was, but I’m not sure.