Hopscotch 3.33.0 with new winter characters


I noticed that in conditional when’s, if you select it and click when and, it no longer adds an empty parameter after the current condition, it instead puts a when 7=7 and 7=7 and replaces the old condition


Yeah I noticed that too.

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Ok, fixed it.

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Do you prefer this behavior? or the old behavior? Can you show some screenshots or a video?


I prefer the old. It makes more sense to select a condition, then tap and to mean “this condition and something else”
The new way just completely replaces the condition.



Is the linked project supposed to show fixed behavior? Is an update required to get the fix?

When I play it, I get this:

Which, shows the Width & Height traits still to be changing when rotated and reflecting the size of the bounding box rather than the actual width & height of the image.

At 0 deg Width & Height = 225

At 45 deg, the bounding box would be:
Sqrt(225^2 + 225^2)

…which is what the project is showing.

The blue If Thens also have the “replace” rather than “append” behavior when And/Or operators are applied to existing conditionals

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Yeah I agree with Petrichor, I prefer the old one.
I can’t share screenshots or a video though, but his screenrecording covers it pretty well.

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Did you try it in the app?
The player is cached so sometimes you get an old version on the web but if you close and restart the app it should work properly.


That’s how it is with all conditionals. I also wish it were the way you described (like math operators)


It used to be for events, and I hoped it would be added for all conditionals, but the opposite seems to have happened


And that is also how math operators work.


…if you close and restart the app it should work properly

I thought I had restarted it, but apparently not. Made sure to restart and the project shows the width/height as expected.

As always, your efforts are appreciated! Thank you.


I didn’t know where to put this, but I found that most objects in the editor are very hard to drag; the hitboxes of especially text objects are so hard to hit it seems like random chance. I would really appreciate if you looked in to this, maybe setting the hitboxes to rectangles in the editor.


What device are you on? It seems just fine on any device, unless you play a different resolution project (iPad project on iPhone, iPhone project on iPad). Then, there are a few issues. You have to tap, hold, and drag, or sometimes it just doesn’t work.

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You were right about that. I’m using an iPad Pro, and the project was created with the other iPad resolution. Although only some objects were behaving weird.

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Yes, usually only the text objects, occasionally other ones


Hey @awesomeonion, nice update that you published a few hours ago!

Lol i was one of the first to download

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Just got it!


Make that “sugarplum fairy”.