Hopscotch 3.33.0 with new winter characters


I got a question: how do you use <= or >= ?


Read this link:

(I can’t be bothered explaining it all again.)


Less than or equal, greater than or equal. Useful if our variable has decimals.


Which of these characters are your favorites? Why do you like them?

  • Penguin
  • Queen Ana
  • Mistle
  • Gonzalo
  • Sleigh
  • Yeti
  • Snowflake
  • Reindeer
  • Polar Bear
  • Elf
  • Snow Globe

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Ummm… A small bug, @awesomeonion with the new set w/h block. You make a square, (or any shape, really) absolutely massive. Then the edges start to look a little weird. It isn’t that major, but it probably should be fixed.


To show scale, the ‘Get Bigger’ Text is Size 100.

It’s just a normal square, at a massive width.

Set Width to 5000000
and then X pos to -34700


As well as that, we have this. A square at an angle, that is small has jagged edges. (You need to zoom in a tiny bit)


Gonzalo the snowman visited the north pole once. We had so much fun together.


HS only utilizes 1/4 of your screen resolution, half the width and half the height.
You can edit the JSON to make your project 2048x1536 and double the size of everything.
Otherwise, I don’t think that this is able to be fixed


What happens when you do that? Hah! Send me a project, I am curious about this now.



Who drew the winter characters?


thanks. so it’s sharper cause you then double the size of each of the characters?


That’s what @creationsofanoob said a few months ago. I’ll test it though.


I only mentioned the player width and height. There is no bug whatsoever (unless there is)
@MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE said that the rectangle was jagged when scaled and rotated


@awesomeonion @Ana
Was it intentional for inputs to the Set Width/Height block to mean something different than the Width/Height object traits? The definitions for the object traits make it seem not intentional.

The last part implies, to me, that the Set Width/Height trait values should match the Set Width/Height inputs. However…

The inputs to the Set Height/Width block scale the image as expected, but the Height/Width traits reflect the height and width of a “bounding box” that encompasses the image. At a rotation of 0 there’s no difference. However if you use Set Width/Height on a rotated image, the image is scaled & rotated as expected, but the Height/Width traits will no longer reflect the Height/Width inputs. A little trig confirms the values of the traits reflect the size of the “bounding box”.

Referring to the image below, the black rectangle is a Hopscotch ‘Square’ with Set Width=150 : Height=50, and Set Angle=30

The grey background is the “bounding box”. It’s centered on the Square and has Set Width=(Square)Width : Height=(Square)Height

So the Width/Height traits of the black image actually represent the Width/Height of the grey image. This will be more than a little confusing to most Hopscotchers.


Ohhhh… that’s what you were saying to me. I get it now. That’s really annoying. (For confused HSers, read this: Why are the dots bouncing?)


I found that out too


@Ana @awesomeonion

Could you advise if this (2 posts up) is a bug or intentional? Please.


Not intentional, thanks for catching! I’ll look into it.