Hopscotch 3.33.0 with new winter characters


Welcome the new winter characters including: penguin, polar bear, sleigh, elf yeti and Gonzalo the snowman.

Other features:

  • Stretch and size your characters using the “set width and height” block.
  • Making fast collisions will be much easier now that you can access the exact width and height of any given character. Find these in the object values section of the keyboard.
  • By special request from @ThinBuffalo : you can finally use >= and <= conditions in your code.
  • For those of you lucky enough to get your hands on a new iPad pro, this version of Hopscotch takes full advantage of the edge-to-edge screen
  • If your device volume is muted, you can now still hear sounds in a Hopscotch project.
  • Characters can no longer cover up the plus button or the play button in the editor/stage.


Yay! I can finally properly use <= and >= !


You released it! I thought it was still in beta.


that is so cool :ooo woah




Got it yesterday



btw did the naming of the snow queen — Queen Ana — have anything to do with @Ana becoming a new member of THT?


I don’t know, let’s see what others think

  • Because @Ana is now a part of the team
  • Not related in any way to @Ana

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Wow, that is so many awesome features! Thank you so much for this update! :slight_smile:


I love the new characters, especially the Gonzalo and the polar bear! I wonder what I can make using these characters… :thinking:


sled game with different characters having unique abilities?


I didn’t think about that, great idea! :+1: Maybe I’ll do it, thanks! :smiley:


Drag and drop isn’t working for me on my iPad 6th gen.


You can’t drag and drop game rules or math blocks?


It only works for certain iOS versions, which one do you have?


that means iOS 11+


12.1.1, the latest, I think.
Maybe Hopscotch hasn’t updated for me yet but I’m not going to do that until I’m done with a game I’m working on — I don’t want to accidentally lose my code. Lol I’m kinda paranoid about it


Oh maybe that is it but you can always do a files backup and get a new UUID for the project (nvm that isn’t easy)


Um I have no idea what you mean (but it sounds complicated) so I’ll just wait


If i remember correctly somewhere on the forums a developer said only like 50% of people or something can drag and drop as sort of a test.