Hopscotch 2017 year book taking nominations [credit to whoever started it]


Ok here it comes the 2017 year book! It's not 2017 I know but I'm just starting the nominations .

So 2016 was very good and I thought that we should do it this year as well !

most improved: @ThePickle @FruityMilkshake @TheRealPikachu
kindest: @KvJ @SmilingSnowflakes @Maltese @DMF @Paige1212 @NeoPixel @Work_kids_coding @t1_hopscotch @BaconStudios @EmojisRUs

most confused @EmojiArts

most awesome @Paige1212

Funiest @KVJ

Most XD,:D used: @TheRealBlah @SmilingSnowflakes @PotatoLover3 @CreationsOfaNoob


most died: obviously @smishsmash

Best project @FoodDelivery

most shared love @JojoDude

best artist @TappymLP @Pingu @Maltese @Serenity @StarryDream @TheDrawer

best gifs @KVJ

best game @DMF @Madi_hopscotch_ @SmileyAlyssa

best sin and Cosine user @KVJ @DMF

best pixels @Dylan329 @NeoPixel @TheRealPikachu

most welcoming @kvj @maltese @Hermione @Cutedogeisthebest

best at being not perfect you

ok my hand harts now...

Ok um if you want to help me make the book fill in the form

helpers(coders for the book)

HS username
number of likes one your best project

If you want to nominate just say who and which you can nominate your self.

P.S. @Maltese @KvJ @SmishSmash @CreativeCoder would you mind judging with me ? It will be like 3month later but just to make sure




First reply! (Now I'm actually going to read it)


It's not 2017 yet though. From now on XD will be my filler text.


I nominate TheRealBlah for most XD's.


Cool !
I'll add u right now !!


I nominate @Madi_Hopscotch_ and me (:stuck_out_tongue:) for best games, @KVJ for best CoSine! :slight_smile:


Cool I added you and them !


For most XD and :D used I nominate Smiling Snowflakes


cool I'll add them !


For best artist I nominate @serenity


For most shared love I nominate me because I'm always trying to get people to love each other more! (^ν^)


I do awesome pixel arts...

Idk if there is a spot for that,

or if it would go with best artist.

Do whatever you want though.


If there's gonna be a best artist, I nominate @StarryDream AKA the sweg desk!


There are a lot of people I would nominate for most improved. I have to go find them now. (Bye for a sec)


I nominate @ThePickle for most improved.

The pickle joined back in august I think, and since then, he's been so awesome!


I nominate @ColourfulBlack for best artist :DD


I nominate @BaconStudios for something


Most improved I guess !


I nominate @fiona-Coco for something


I nominate myself, @NeoPixel, and @AvocadoDont for most improved ART. I feel like my pixel arts are getting much better.