Hopscoch idea poll



Hey I would like to help make hopscoch better and I need your help just answer the following poll
Should there be a section specifically for pixel art (because there is a lot)

  • Yes
  • No
  • Did not mean to vote (option if you don't want to vote but clicked on it)


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@Liza @Rodrigo @Meg @Montoya
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Yes, yassssssssssssssssssss


Yes, i think that would be a very cool category!


#pixelart woooooooooohooooooo


Lol Meg voted accidentally.


@Meg do you think you can do this idea?


I can suggest it to the team! Sorry for the accident vote lol.


Isn't that a bit weird? Isn't that what the "art" section is for?


I think there should be sections for games, pixel art, trail arts, backgrounds, and drawings.. although might just put random stuff in them like how it is now XD


Yes technically but the art section is filled with manly drawings. (Most pixel art dose not get posted on #art)


True. Also, you can tag stuff, like on the forum. There can be multiple topics and a search bar to look them up.


I wish...........................


Anyone else want to vote?


It's already April now. But when the new update comes, I hope it has pixel art in its own category!