HopSchool (School of Hopscotch)


Credit to @RexersHexers for the idea!

Welcome to HopSchool this is a school that will help you with Hopscotch, and the forum.

Here is the form if you want to be a teacher:
Which one of these subjects do you want to teach (There can be only one teacher for each class) Drawing, Hopscotch P.E. (learn to code sports), Sin&Cos, Pixel Art, Trail Art.
How active are you?

If you want to be a student, just ask! No form required!





Students, here is your times and schedules: (It's fine if your busy at that time)
Times are in Eastern time zone
Sin&Cos 6:00pm-6:15
Drawing 6:15pm-6:30pm
Hopscotch P.E. 6:30pm-6:45pm
Snack (or break) 6:45pm-7:00pm
Pixel Art 7:15pm-7:30pm
Trail Art 7:30pm-7:45pm

Teachers, plz make a topic for the subject you are teaching.
Principle and head of school and starter @Explorer_


This is so cool! I'd like to be a student!

But maybe you should put a time zone for it because there are different time zones for different peepos.


You got your schedule?


I'm in Eastern standard time.

AKA the same time zone as THT


Same with me, the time zone. I'm enrolled in another school (RexersHexers Trihop) so I wouldn't join.


Okay, I'm free next week for thanksgiving break (woop woop) so I'll consider it?? Maybe idk


ILl join


I want to join but I'm not eastern


I can do pixel art and I'm active


Sometimes on weekends I'm not


I want to join!

I'm EST...


EST buddies lolcatz


Can I be a student pls


I'm to lazy to figure out that to zone thing but I live in Minisota (I moved again)


You're in central time zone :wink: @ValueGamesStudio


I just wanna be a student lololol


Ok thanks I knew that yeah I think I did


So we have to do this everyday??


Is the schedule for everyday a week?


Can i be the drawing teacher