Hoppertoscotch Halloween Profile Pic Challenge


At first, I didn't want to changer my profile pic cause it's already awesome. But then I said, scrap it. I want a Halloween Profile Pic. This topic will not be forgotten, for I'm suddenly VERY active X(D


Give your drawing/pic a name that will help me keep track.
I want this to be a version of my original profile pic, so is the cheese isn't perfect, you will have to be immediately disqualified. (As you can see, I am very proud of my work)
(OPTIONAL) Sign your name at the bottom for credit either by handwriting or editing in text.

Soooo.... they are due on the 16th (one week from today) and in the post below me will be a list of the pic's names and the link with them which I will use to look at them, and I will put them in the list.




Here is my list of entires.

List Of Entries

@Sweetlina HULK SMASH http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/hoppertoscotch-halloween-profile-pic-challenge/24910/11?u=hoppertoscotch


I don't think I can do this. I'm afraid I might mess up the cheese.


@Fluffymarshmellow lol.

I literally just drew a triangle and used a different color to widen the triangle on two edges X(D

But I understand your worries. It took me a few tries X(D

Edit: I just realized I made the cheese 3D but the poor hat is in the middle of the air, 2D thanks to my laziness lol

Edit Edit: I say X(D and lol too much. Do I have the X(D LOL disease?


I will join!!


You probably do. :0


@Sweetlina just draw a profile pic that applies the requirements


@Fluffymarshmellow or maybe I'm just super funny..

Na that can't be true...


It might be.