Hoppers life sunday magazine workers needed!




hoppers life sunday magazine is a classy magazine that features 3 special pages...

[interviews] - these 3 pages are written by @Jess888
[hopper of the week]
[story of the week]

as you can see 3 pages is not enough so i need
5 others who can help me out as our first copy shall be posted next Sunday so this will be our work page only for the workers then we can post our pages here then i can copy them and put it together and post on our official magazine page so workers needed!
you can create it on any app you like each week it doesn't matter because it only matters that i create the front cover the same except for different pics
so please below if you want to take part just say why and what pages you could write be inventive and sign up now!

tag list



This sounds cool!
What's "Hopper of the week" though?


Will you please put the OMTL in a hide details? It's kind of hard to scroll through all that D:


someone will be voted for during the week on the official topic where will post the magazine and basically whoever gets the most votes will be featured in the next magazine so on the first week there wont be a hopper of the week


i dont know how to hide details


Just do:
[details=tag list]

[insert OMTL here]



done thankyyooooouu waffy


@Stick88 -----> @Jess888? *cue the suspicious music... just kidding


Can I join please I would love to be a drawer or interviewer please:pray:!


You have to pick 2-3 things to write about one can be Ann interview but u need one more


Lol it's my lucky number


Yes it's allowed peeps know i made this project after u but I've been interviewing for days and there's already 2 other magazines I am allowed!



Someone pleeezzzzzz work for me


...when I read Hopper's Life I was like waaaaaahht


top 10 featured of the week!


hahahah what do i have to do\????


Tell me when ur on I'll explain


This is very similar though... We both have the same content as well.


No we don't I'm not having as many people as you and we're gonna have different subjects please stop...
I'm really upset that your doing this to me when there's already like 5 other magazines​:sob::sob::sob:


Sorry, I was just a little annoyed that they were the same!