HOPLYMPICS TEAM GB (don't peak unless u are in Britain)


If you are not living in the UK please leave this topic alone anyways, there is a hopscotch account especially made for collabs the username is DefeatingMoonsCollabz and the password is hopscotcherz and we will be doing a project each similar to either the Olympics or the Paralympics anyways,enjoy.
Race track=???
Judo arena=DefeatingMoon(DC)AKA me
Karate dojo=???
To join this collab in the comments ask to join and if it's not full you may enter if u live in Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland




May I summon the Brits I know?


In the Holympics challenge there is already a U.K team




i peaked in this topic


I looked lololololololololololol


Hey guys can you please post your projects in the turn-in topic if you haven't already?


These people aren't participating in my contest.


They aren't? What is this topic anyways?


Idek. XD