Hoplympics Results!


It’s finally over!! The results are through!!

1st: Asia with 29 points!
Judged by @Stal98


2nd: Atlantis with 25 points!
Judged by @Stal98


3rd: America with 9 points!
Judged by @Kayro


Individual Winners:
1st: @MyPizza

2nd: @sophia71205

3rd: @MyPi

Prizes will be awarded soon!

The reason America only got 9 points was because they only submitted 1 project! Sorry America!


Well done everyone! Good job!


Good job… love team Asia because I’m Asian and because there’s some cool people on that team!!!

But congrats to everyone!!!


Yay our team got second place!


Woah, I honestly can’t believe we won. We were like the team that barely had enough members, so we had to use MyPi. Plus, we had to substitute DWAP in for Jordan. Great job everyone.



Im so happy!


I didn’t participate, but congrats everyone! I can see the hardwork everyone put in!


Great job everyone who entered this challenge! :smile:


Congratulations to everyone who participated!! :tada:


Yay we won! Btw, I am the one on the team, cause Jordan left the team cause he couldn’t make a project


I’m on that team! Thanks


Wait what about the individual winners?


Like wasn’t there prizes for the top three projects and then prizes for the top team(s) or did that change? Or am I crazy?


Yeah! That’s what I thought…


Hey @Stal98 can you change the team Asia members and add me on there? Cause I made one of the projects?
Who flagged stal98?


No problem… it takes a lot to win a competition



idk who flagged it

Probably someone who was jealous??? idk


yeah im pretty angry, there was no reason to flag that!

though if you think there was tell me so please, and il fix it


The reason… I’m pretty sure… why theyflagged it is because trolls…