Hoplympics Judging Topic (judging ended)


This is the judging topic for the hoplympics… only judges aloud.

Which countries you have to judge:
@Stal98 - Asia and Atlantis
@Kayro - America and Atlantis
@Kitkat26 - America
@FRENCH_WAVE123 - Asia

How judging works

Each project can get up to ten points. Team Asia had 5 projects submitted so they could get 50 out of 50. All you have to to do is rate each project out of ten and add it together.

Example: Team Africa submitted 2 projects. I rated John’s project 5/10 and Olivia’s 7/10. Team Africa’s total score is 13/20.

Nobody but the judges post on this topic!!


Asia results:


k. will be judging in bout 5 min, nvm, will be judging tomorrow (Wed.) since ipad is out of reach


Look at the how judging works thing. It should help


Atlantis results:


Asia is in the lead so far with 29 points!




I’m confused. Why are there assigned groups?
Why do you get to judge 2 groups?


But, Atlantis has a higher percentage


Wait this is still going on? Interesting…


America has


Since only Part Time entered her’s


You forgot Europe


Umm I’m sorry, I can’t judge! I’m been super busy. Can you find someone else, or am I just making the world harder for you guys?


You have atlantis, since glowcumber can’t judge


Yes, but not enough projects
There were only 4 projects made,
So like, they only get 40 points total
That’s totally fair


OK, I guess nobody else is going to vote… I’m gonna do a final topic, lol that’s a lot of topics…