Hoplympics 2017 Turn In/Announcement and FAQ Topic



Did it now!!!


Here is my project


Also, An Extra Point Shall Be Given To The Team That Is The Most Active!

The Member List

@Work_kids_coding @DMF @CreationsOfaNoob @BB-Box @Dolphin_coders @Stal98 @laser_eyed_puppy @yaygirls @DECODECO @GoatLord @HopscotchRemixer

Guys You Haven’t Gave Your Projects In!


Is team Germany the only one that’s turned in all their projects?


Really only Germany followed my instructions!


Dangggggggggg! (tries to hit the 20 character minimum😂)


So are the winners going to be announced today?


Sorry for the late entry I had now idea what time that was converted. I am in England and this is my background.


@HopedHoper @Yusamac205 was going to fix some of the elements in my background. He hasn’t responded. Do I just turn in my rough draft?


Give it in quick! I’ll give you 5 minutes to turn it in


Am I the only Australia team member who has turned in their project?


Hey, it’s still the 26th :confused:


Here’s my game:


Trail art:


I didn’t have much time (3 days)


Great game! Much better than mine.


Sorry mate, I have just had heaps of assignments lately and couldn’t find the time to do it.


That game is really cool, I think!

Also, I would like to say that all the teams did a really good job designing and working as a team! I am excited for all the results!


Yeah. We all did well. May the best win!


I’m too late to turn in my project.:frowning_face: